Why Worry?

No amount of worrying or anger is going to change the outcome of whatever situation you are thinking about. If anything, it’ll just make the situation seem way worse than it actually is.

Today was a pretty hectic day and I was worried about an application I had put in on an apartment.

I had got a call on said apartment which was a call to inform me that the landlord had gone with another applicant rather than the one my roommate and I had put in.

I had immediately had been filled with anger.

The reason for the anger was because the application wasn’t completed by my roommate and that had frustrated me.

After all the anger and frustration had subsided and I had a minute to breathe, I realized that there is no point in wasting my energy, worrying or being angry over something that was simply out of my control.

I told my roommate what needed to be done, I explained the urgency of the matter and that was all I really could’ve done in reality. After that, it was out of my control.

Being able to understand the fact that worrying or anger isn’t going to make you feel better (about anything) will really give you some extra positivity in your life. Every ounce of positivity you can pull out of a negative or bad situation allows for added happiness.

There was a reason that the apartment wasn’t meant to be in our name. Do I know that reason? No. What I do know though, is that it will work out exactly the way it is supposed to.

The reason may not be clear at the moment, but it’ll make sense in due time.

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