My favorite question to ask my teammates before a match is:

“Do you see that?”

With it being such an open ended question, they typically respond with:

“Do I see what?”

My response to that is always along the lines of, “The stadium of people that are here to watch us play? Do you see it?”

My teammate typically will laugh and shrug it off, but I am being dead serious.

Typically before every match, the American national anthem is played.

During this time, I am visualizing the story unfolding.

I am standing in the tunnel, heart racing, eager to step onto the pitch.

Hearing the muffled sounds of the massive crowd above us.

The head referee gets the go ahead to lead the players onto the pitch.

Clacks of the metal studs on concrete as the footballers aren’t too far behind the referee.

The two teams emerge from the tunnel and the crowd erupts.

Head referee grabs the ball off the podium and tucks it under his right arm.

We are happily greeted by the thousands of fans and we line up.

I am lined up preparing myself to represent my country in the 2026 World Cup, I stand by my teammates, looking at the faces of the men besides me and looking into the crowd seeing all the supporters.

Smelling the fresh cut grass, breathing in the fresh air on a cool night, goosebumps on my skin, tears welling up in my eyes as the national anthem begins to play.

It hits me.

I am representing my country on home soil in front of thousands of fans, family and friends.


I do this before EVERY match. Even at trainings I am visualizing state of the art performance centers and training facilities at my disposal.

The importance of this is to make my brain think that this is true, even though I am standing in the middle of a pitch with no stands, no fans, and mountains in the backgrous. I am putting it out into the universe that this is what I believe to be true, and the universe will make exactly that becoe true.

Your thoughts are powerful, use them to your advantage and see where you may land.

Vizualize the life of your dreams into reality.

A kid from Phelan, CA.

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