Choose Kindess

Life is simply too short to be holding grudges, being rude, or being ingenuine towards others, so why not choose kindness?

Being kind is cool as fuck.

I genuinely believe that if you are a kind human being, people enjoy being around you more.

They enjoy the energy that you bring to their life.

It shows that you honestly care about how they are doing and that you are being pure with your intentions.

By being kind, you bring value and positivity to others.

Most people may think that being seen as “kind” makes you a weak individual.

In my mind, it makes you stronger.

Being able to be kind to others when they are being rude to you, is a gift.

It is certainly much harder to do, rather than taking the easy route and being rude back.

We all have the same opportunity on a day-to-day basis.

Whenever you are faced with adversity, hardship, or rude people, we are confronted with two simple choices:

1) Match the negative energy you are faced with and spread more negative energy


2) Combat the negativity with kindness, allowing for positivity to be spread

When you dissect any sort of hardship or difficult situation, it is seriously that simple.

Before resorting to the easy way out, take a step back and think to yourself next time you are faced with a difficult situation:

“How can I handle this situation with Kindness?”

Choose kindness every second of everyday.

Being kind will pay off way more than being rude ever will.

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