Don’t Let The Noise Get To You

Snipe comments left and right.

Saying this, saying that.

Making fun of you and where you are at in your own personal process…

Don’t let this noise get to you…KEEP GOING.

People will ALWAYS have something to say about you. No matter how well you are doing, it will be something that is apart of the process of creating your life.

Don’t let the negativity, ego or insecurities of others get you discouraged.

Maintain focus on what is important to you and continue striving for your goals and dreams.

Be kind to yourself, rather than looking at yourself as a mess, look at yourself as a work in progress.

You got this.

Don’t Lie To Yourself

You can have any life you so choose, but don’t lie to yourself.

“Man, I’d do anything to have a Ferrari.”

“That woman must be so lucky to have a house like that.”

“That guy must be living the life, look at all the money he has.”

In my eyes, I have no acknowledgeable success yet, but one thing I do understand is that “the life” people “so badly” want, isn’t for them…

Not because they are bad people or they aren’t worthy of a life filled with abundance, but because their ACTIONS aren’t backing up their mouth.

SO many people claim that they want it so bad…

They claim that they’ll do ANYTHING to make their dreams come true…

They claim that they’ll do ANYTHING to provide for their family…

But in reality…ALL they do is CLAIM…

When you take a deeper look as to what they are actually doing, it doesn’t align.

I used to be that guy, saying that I wanted a life filled with abundance, be the best soccer player America has ever seen and have a life that people could be inspired by.

But I wasn’t taking enough action to match my ambitions.

People in around me saw me working hard, but I knew that I could be doing more.

I knew that not only could I be doing more, I NEEDED to be doing more.

Something I now live by is the idea that:

“You can lie to the ones around you, but you CANNOT lie to the person in the mirror”

Looking back at the person I once was makes me realize how much time I have truly wasted. I’m not disappointed in myself because everything has happened exactly the way it was supposed to, but it has given me a bit more drive and motivation to continue striving and questioning myself.

Whenever I ask myself, “Could I be doing more?” The answer is ALWAYS yes.

“The life” isn’t for everyone because most aren’t willing to make the sacrifices necessary, take the correct action or ask the hard questions they know the answers to.

DON’T wait and make the same mistake I did.

Learn and ask yourself:

“Could I be doing more?”

Because you and I both know you can be, and if the life you want is TRULY worth it, you will take the correct actions to make it happen.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Means a lot to me knowing it wasn’t for nothing.

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