Do What You Have To Do

When it comes to life, many people say that they are willing to “do what they have to do” to [insert goal/dream here]


It is astonishing to me to hear others say that they will do ANYTHING to get to where they want to be in life, but when you look closer at their actions, they show you otherwise.

“I would do anything to travel the world”

Okay, leave your family for weeks/months at a time to do that, it’ll be fun!

“I don’t think I could stand being away from my family for too long.”

“Being financially responsible is something I stand by and I will do anything to save my money and not spend it on things I don’t need.”

That is so great to hear, continue doing you and saving your money!

*2 weeks later on Snapchat*

“Look at this brand new $500 Apple watch I got! So many cool features.”

Your actions MUST match your ambition.

I have big ambitions for my life and the way I want it to be.

Now, I believe to be taking a lot of positive action towards making my ambitions into reality.

The old me wasn’t doing enough.

I would say the same things, then have my actions show the EXACT opposite of my ambitions.

Rewire your brain for success.

Think of the person you would like to emulate.

Think about how they would handle certain situations and what actions they would take.

Successful people don’t waste their time bullshitting.

If they say they’ll do anything, they mean it.

Do what you have to do to provide for yourself and your family.

Choose Kindess

Life is simply too short to be holding grudges, being rude, or being ingenuine towards others, so why not choose kindness?

Being kind is cool as fuck.

I genuinely believe that if you are a kind human being, people enjoy being around you more.

They enjoy the energy that you bring to their life.

It shows that you honestly care about how they are doing and that you are being pure with your intentions.

By being kind, you bring value and positivity to others.

Most people may think that being seen as “kind” makes you a weak individual.

In my mind, it makes you stronger.

Being able to be kind to others when they are being rude to you, is a gift.

It is certainly much harder to do, rather than taking the easy route and being rude back.

We all have the same opportunity on a day-to-day basis.

Whenever you are faced with adversity, hardship, or rude people, we are confronted with two simple choices:

1) Match the negative energy you are faced with and spread more negative energy


2) Combat the negativity with kindness, allowing for positivity to be spread

When you dissect any sort of hardship or difficult situation, it is seriously that simple.

Before resorting to the easy way out, take a step back and think to yourself next time you are faced with a difficult situation:

“How can I handle this situation with Kindness?”

Choose kindness every second of everyday.

Being kind will pay off way more than being rude ever will.

Bad Day?

It is simply astonishing to me to see people give up after ONE bad day, ONE bad week, ONE bad year…

Every day is a new opportunity to capitalize on the things we love.

Whatever it may be in your case, do NOT let one bad day, week, month, or year discourage you.

It is a part of the process.

I believe it to be more critical than the successes because it is literally showing you what you need to be better on.

I genuinely believe that life will intentionally put you through difficult times to see how you react.

To see if you are ACTUALLY preparing yourself.

Bad days are simply inevitable.

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

Keep pushing through to the next day.

If you are gracious enough to be granted another day, learn from yesterday and go forward being better than you were.

Bad days are a part of life.

Stay focused and KEEP CHASING THE DREAM.

Back To It


After a 2 1/2 month hiatus, we are back to official team trainings!

I have been preparing myself individually for this time.

I tell you what, I am so eager to be stepping back onto the pitch with the boys.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because I did NOT take the past 2 1/2 months off.

I actually used it to further prepare myself for this day.

There was a reason why everything had gotten cancelled. Rather than dwelling on the time away and seeing it as vacation, I saw it as a sign that I needed to be doing more.

I am grateful that it has allowed me for some extra time to get ready.

Whatever the reasoning is behind the shortcomings or inconveniences in your life, take them as opportunities to grow and further prepare yourself for what is to come.

Are you ready for the blessings that are coming your way?
Continue pursuing with all you have.


My favorite question to ask my teammates before a match is:

“Do you see that?”

With it being such an open ended question, they typically respond with:

“Do I see what?”

My response to that is always along the lines of, “The stadium of people that are here to watch us play? Do you see it?”

My teammate typically will laugh and shrug it off, but I am being dead serious.

Typically before every match, the American national anthem is played.

During this time, I am visualizing the story unfolding.

I am standing in the tunnel, heart racing, eager to step onto the pitch.

Hearing the muffled sounds of the massive crowd above us.

The head referee gets the go ahead to lead the players onto the pitch.

Clacks of the metal studs on concrete as the footballers aren’t too far behind the referee.

The two teams emerge from the tunnel and the crowd erupts.

Head referee grabs the ball off the podium and tucks it under his right arm.

We are happily greeted by the thousands of fans and we line up.

I am lined up preparing myself to represent my country in the 2026 World Cup, I stand by my teammates, looking at the faces of the men besides me and looking into the crowd seeing all the supporters.

Smelling the fresh cut grass, breathing in the fresh air on a cool night, goosebumps on my skin, tears welling up in my eyes as the national anthem begins to play.

It hits me.

I am representing my country on home soil in front of thousands of fans, family and friends.


I do this before EVERY match. Even at trainings I am visualizing state of the art performance centers and training facilities at my disposal.

The importance of this is to make my brain think that this is true, even though I am standing in the middle of a pitch with no stands, no fans, and mountains in the backgrous. I am putting it out into the universe that this is what I believe to be true, and the universe will make exactly that becoe true.

Your thoughts are powerful, use them to your advantage and see where you may land.

Vizualize the life of your dreams into reality.

A kid from Phelan, CA.

What Is The Goal?

The goal in life is to ACTUALLY have and abundance of everything.

From wealth to happiness to health and every little thing in between, having an abundance of it ALL.

I feel as if more and more people are getting caught up in the shiny objects.

The fancy, expensive cars.

Spacious homes in beautiful areas.

Loads of money in the bank account.

Don’t get me wrong, I want all of that too.

But I want a life where I am comfortably able to do these things.

Where I don’t have to take out 3 different lines of credit to pay for a $80 thousand dollar car.

A life where I can comfortably pay my mortgage and provide for my family 100% of the time.

The goal for me is to ACTUALLY have an abundance of wealth and happiness.

Where as some want to LOOK like they have it all, when in reality, they have nothing.

Where do you lie?
Take the bridge over to where you want to be.

Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

PLEASE move with urgency when you are in a situation where you are being cared for.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than being in a situation where you are caring for someone and they are lackluster in their efforts to be on their own.

At the current moment, I am on the hunt for an apartment with my current roommate.

Due to the COVID situation, it has made things a tad bit harder to make anything happen.

At first it was getting a job, then it was providing pay slips with a job that I’ve had for only a week…mix that in with other complications, it has made the 6 week accommodation into almost 12…

For me, it has been pretty uncomfortable because I feel as if I have overstayed my welcome at my coaches house.

I have been living here rent free for the past 2 and a half months now.

Personally, I been doing my best to work 8 hours a day, train on my own, focus on the things that are important to me, stay healthy, search for other jobs AND search for aparments for my roommate and I.

It has been pretty overwhelming to say the least.

To those who are being cared for at the moment:

Take it one day at a time and continue with your efforts to branch out on your own.

As long as you show gratitude and effort that you have been doing your best to make things happen, you’ll be okay.

Just understand that you are a guest in their world.

Don’t overstay your welcome.

Don’t milk it for more because they haven’t said anything about it.

If people are gracious to do something like that, DON’T take advantage of it.

Work harder to show that their efforts aren’t for nothing.

Keep flowing and pushing forward.

Why Worry?

No amount of worrying or anger is going to change the outcome of whatever situation you are thinking about. If anything, it’ll just make the situation seem way worse than it actually is.

Today was a pretty hectic day and I was worried about an application I had put in on an apartment.

I had got a call on said apartment which was a call to inform me that the landlord had gone with another applicant rather than the one my roommate and I had put in.

I had immediately had been filled with anger.

The reason for the anger was because the application wasn’t completed by my roommate and that had frustrated me.

After all the anger and frustration had subsided and I had a minute to breathe, I realized that there is no point in wasting my energy, worrying or being angry over something that was simply out of my control.

I told my roommate what needed to be done, I explained the urgency of the matter and that was all I really could’ve done in reality. After that, it was out of my control.

Being able to understand the fact that worrying or anger isn’t going to make you feel better (about anything) will really give you some extra positivity in your life. Every ounce of positivity you can pull out of a negative or bad situation allows for added happiness.

There was a reason that the apartment wasn’t meant to be in our name. Do I know that reason? No. What I do know though, is that it will work out exactly the way it is supposed to.

The reason may not be clear at the moment, but it’ll make sense in due time.

You Are Exactly What You Think You Are

“As you think, so shall you be.”

This is a HUGE part of what I stand for because it’s so simple, yet so powerful.

Everything in this life starts off as just a “thought”. A tiny, insignificant thought, that we as humans seriously overlook.

Why? Because our thoughts are our REALITY.

Whatever we think to be true, is 100% true in our own respect.

If you think like a loser, you will be a loser.*

If you think that you’ll never be able to achieve your dreams, you are 100% correct.*

If you think that you will never have a happy life, you probably won’t have a happy life. *

But on the opposite end of things…

If you think that you can achieve anything in this life, you are absolute correct.**

If you think that you will one day be rich, you will be rich one day.**

If you think you are confident, you will be confident.

I believe we as humans like to over-complicate the simplest of things, such as thoughts.

If used properly, out thoughts can be our best friend.

If used incorrectly, you can find yourself in deep, dark places because of your THOUGHTS.

Understand that your thoughts are more powerful than you truly think.

Learn how to use your thoughts properly and you will be a force to be reckoned with…

*You can learn how to change your thoughts into something positive and turn a loser mentality into something much more than just that.

**With the right mixture of action, passion and drive.

It’s the little things…It’s your thoughts.

Don’t Let The Noise Get To You

Snipe comments left and right.

Saying this, saying that.

Making fun of you and where you are at in your own personal process…

Don’t let this noise get to you…KEEP GOING.

People will ALWAYS have something to say about you. No matter how well you are doing, it will be something that is apart of the process of creating your life.

Don’t let the negativity, ego or insecurities of others get you discouraged.

Maintain focus on what is important to you and continue striving for your goals and dreams.

Be kind to yourself, rather than looking at yourself as a mess, look at yourself as a work in progress.

You got this.